Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jom belajar Bahasa Sarawak!Lets learn Sarawakian Language!~2~

Hye again! Its been a long time since I post my last post on Learning Sarawakian Language. I got some technical problem going on here. T.T Anyway,thank you for all the great response and I’ll be thinking about all of your suggestion for my next post in the future ^__^. In the time being, lets continue our journey to discover Sarawak the Sarawakian way. Okey, lets say you were visiting Sarawak and then you want to happily walking around without getting lost and end up in the police station (lol..its not I’m praying that you’ll get lost or somehing..just in case..hehe),you might want to know the way to communicate with fellow Sarawakian. Come on and learn~

# The bold word is the way you should pronounce it, BM is referring to Malay Language that is Bahasa Melayu#

Si.ney = Where (Di mana in BM)

Tem.pat = Place (Tempat in BM)

Tok = This (Ini in BM)

==> Siney tempat tok? Means you are asking ” Where is this place?”

And after you make some locals impress with your almost ok Sarawak Lingo. Usually they will answer you like this :

Si.nun/Si.ya = There (Sana in BM)

Si.tok = Here (Sini in BM)

Nya nun/Nya ya = There it is (Di sana in BM)

Let me give you a whole sentence example on how the people might be answering you :

==>Kitak pergi sinun,jalan siya pasya belok kanan,kakya belok kerek……

You do notice that just a very few post that you already learn from here. Just don’t freak out because of some word you are not familiar with yet. I’ll cover that later on. Anyway just my life is getting kinda hectic and the technical problem might make the next post come a week later~huhu~i hope all of u will stay tune and bare with me~huhu~Love ya'll!!


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