Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kamek Sayang Kitak is I Love You~

Hye guys and girls~

Its been a long time that I didnt post anything on the blog. This is due to some weird problem that I get when I try to log in to my google account. Fortunately, I manage to work it out ^.^; Huhuhu..
So, some of you might be wondering what's with the mushy title? readers:she must watch too much 'Sayang you can dance' LOL~Well, i havent go to the cinema and watch it yet and this post come with a help one of my friend to express more of their feeling in this beautiful language^_^
Oh, well cut d crap and go with d flow guys~

# The bold word is the way you should pronounce it, BM is referring to Malay Language that is Bahasa Melayu#

Ge.rek = Lovers/Girlfriend/Boyfriend *eg: special one(Kekasih in BM)

Suk/Sup = Like (Suka in BM)

Sa.yang= Love (Sayang in BM)

Deng = Darling/Honey (Panggilan manja in BM)

Ma.mam = Eat (Makan in BM)

Ngan/Dengan = With (Dengan in BM)

Tek = Just now (Tadi in BM)

Man.jak = *Clingy in a sweet way (Manja in BM)

Apa = What (Apa in BM)

I.boh = Dont (Jangan in BM)

Po.lah = Did (Buat in BM)

Gi.lak /I.lak= Really (Sangat in BM)\

Koh/Kowh = *Sarawakian used to add up it at the end of their conversation

Nge.geh/Bu.jat = Naughty (Nakal in BM)

Tu.i.ja/Tua.ija = *Soft words lovers used when the others want to do things that seems greater then they ability

This are some of the way youcan use to talk to your loved one in Sarawak language~

==>Apa polah deng ya? = What my darling are doing right now?

==>Kamek suk ngan kitak = I like you

==>Kamek sayang gilak ngan kitak = I love you so much

==>Deng bujat koh = You are naughty

==>Tuija deng ya = You are kinda overboard darling

Okay,thats basically most of the the basic mushy word in Sarawakian language. Got to go now~ See all of you in my next post~~Da ^_^


din0.domin0 said...

huhu...camne nak pakai perkataan tuija tu?
cube bg contoh malay plzzz... :)

blueangel22 said...

huhuhu~selalu nya perkataan tuija nih digunakan bila nak bergurau dengan kawan/gf/bf..dlm bhasa melayu ertinya mengada-ngada la..kiki~eg:mengada-ngada lah sayang nih/tuija syg tok..ok?

ayinn said...

hahhaa,.. best juak blog tok eh,..
update byk2 kit,.. hoho

Anonymous said...

Tuija na anak t0k..haha~

Lee Zha said...

haiip!! im new here! tok 1st tym mek jmp blog org kaka mek xda blogger yg org sawak gik! huhu slmt bknln! :D

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