Monday, February 16, 2009

Jom belajar Bahasa Sarawak! Lets learn Sarawakian Language!

I've created this blog because I got a lots of friend who wanted to learn Sarawakian language yet failed to find a proper place to study this unique and one of a kind language with the native speaker of the language. Actually,I have already post this post on previous post on my other blog at but since the 'free' blog is limiting what the 'free' user can do, I decided to create another blog. (tadaa..this kameksarawak blog is born~)

Let's cut to the chase. To learn Sarawakian Language,the first thing you need to know Sarawakian language is very different from the national Malay Language. Lets start from how to address people in Sarawakian way.

# The bold word is the way you should pronounce it, BM is referring to Malay Language that is Bahasa Melayu#

  • Kamek {ka.mek}; aku {a.ku} = Me (Saya in BM)
  • Kitak {ki.tak}; kawu {ka.wu}= You (Awak in BM)
  • Sidak {si.dak} ; Dak nya {dak nya}= They (Mereka in BM)
  • Kamek Orang {ka.mek o.rang} = We (Kami in BM)
  • Kitak Orang {ki.tak o.rang} = All of You (Kamu Semua in BM)

Ok, now you basically know the basic way to address people in Sarawakian Language. You are good to go and married a Sarawakian citizen. Lol..just kidding. In my next post on Lets Learn Sarawakian Language I’ll share a lots more of this wonderful unique language that sometimes sounds like france language, (reader : “Where on earth that she got that idea?” blueangel : “Haha..When im in a changing room in a mall i heard people who sound like sarawakian when they speaks but i don’t even hell understand a word.Later i discover it was france language” ;-b),a lot sounds like the altered version of english language and its varied according to the district they are living. Hmm..thats it for now.Feel free to comment me if they are anything you want to know. See you around~ ^__^


Anonymous said...

bagaimana nak ucap 'SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN'dalam bahasa sarawak?

Achmed said...

kamek mok blaja bhs swk juak eh..

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