Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jom belajar Bahasa Sarawak!Lets learn Sarawakian Language!~2~

Hye again! Its been a long time since I post my last post on Learning Sarawakian Language. I got some technical problem going on here. T.T Anyway,thank you for all the great response and I’ll be thinking about all of your suggestion for my next post in the future ^__^. In the time being, lets continue our journey to discover Sarawak the Sarawakian way. Okey, lets say you were visiting Sarawak and then you want to happily walking around without getting lost and end up in the police station (lol..its not I’m praying that you’ll get lost or somehing..just in case..hehe),you might want to know the way to communicate with fellow Sarawakian. Come on and learn~

# The bold word is the way you should pronounce it, BM is referring to Malay Language that is Bahasa Melayu#

Si.ney = Where (Di mana in BM)

Tem.pat = Place (Tempat in BM)

Tok = This (Ini in BM)

==> Siney tempat tok? Means you are asking ” Where is this place?”

And after you make some locals impress with your almost ok Sarawak Lingo. Usually they will answer you like this :

Si.nun/Si.ya = There (Sana in BM)

Si.tok = Here (Sini in BM)

Nya nun/Nya ya = There it is (Di sana in BM)

Let me give you a whole sentence example on how the people might be answering you :

==>Kitak pergi sinun,jalan siya pasya belok kanan,kakya belok kerek……

You do notice that just a very few post that you already learn from here. Just don’t freak out because of some word you are not familiar with yet. I’ll cover that later on. Anyway just my life is getting kinda hectic and the technical problem might make the next post come a week later~huhu~i hope all of u will stay tune and bare with me~huhu~Love ya'll!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crita Miak Bok Belajar Bahasa Sarawak

(This post is for the user who is already expert in Sarawakian Language...Learn it fast here if you haven't master it yet XD)

Al-kisah cerita tok tek datang dari adik kamek nak belaja di ipta kat kuching tok dolok (tempat dirahsiakan takut orang urang sik berkenaan merundong adik mek lak..wahaha) Time sidak bok mula orientasi macam beysa lah banyak urang tek mula berkenal sama dipun. Session mecah ais mun nak d translate lam bahasa sarawak tek nak.hahaha..Seperti beysa sidak urang nak jaoh2,miak nak baru2 datang sitok ncerik laksa sarawak ori tek <--pembaca :apa kaitan nya ka? alu lah asa kekok nak kelaka ngan orang kita sitok. Kotan teringin gilak nak paham apa dikelaka oleh miak2 sarawak tok tek,alu lah salah sorang dari cdak nya ya tek molah solution nya dpun.

Solution nya ialah nya nulis tiap2 perkataan sarawak nak d dengar nya dalam notebook and molah translation ekot sukati nenek datuknya jak (bak kata adik mek lar..hehe)Tedah nya ya lah sik nunggu mek molah blog tok tek. ahaha..Pelik2 jak mata nya nenga apa nak dikelaka oleh adik mek ngan member cdak. Kedak wartawan jak nya nulis apa nak didengar nya lam buku ya. Sian..hehe..mun in case nya terjumpa blog tok and dah terer kelaka sarawak..congrats kepada anda..haha..

So,kitak orang ada apa cita best sik sal miak nak bok belaja bahasa sarawak tok?Rajin2 kan lah nulis komen tak orang mun ada.Hehe..So Chaw Chin Cau lok for now..See you in my next post ^_^

Jom belajar Bahasa Sarawak! Lets learn Sarawakian Language!

I've created this blog because I got a lots of friend who wanted to learn Sarawakian language yet failed to find a proper place to study this unique and one of a kind language with the native speaker of the language. Actually,I have already post this post on previous post on my other blog at but since the 'free' blog is limiting what the 'free' user can do, I decided to create another blog. (tadaa..this kameksarawak blog is born~)

Let's cut to the chase. To learn Sarawakian Language,the first thing you need to know Sarawakian language is very different from the national Malay Language. Lets start from how to address people in Sarawakian way.

# The bold word is the way you should pronounce it, BM is referring to Malay Language that is Bahasa Melayu#

  • Kamek {ka.mek}; aku {a.ku} = Me (Saya in BM)
  • Kitak {ki.tak}; kawu {ka.wu}= You (Awak in BM)
  • Sidak {si.dak} ; Dak nya {dak nya}= They (Mereka in BM)
  • Kamek Orang {ka.mek o.rang} = We (Kami in BM)
  • Kitak Orang {ki.tak o.rang} = All of You (Kamu Semua in BM)

Ok, now you basically know the basic way to address people in Sarawakian Language. You are good to go and married a Sarawakian citizen. Lol..just kidding. In my next post on Lets Learn Sarawakian Language I’ll share a lots more of this wonderful unique language that sometimes sounds like france language, (reader : “Where on earth that she got that idea?” blueangel : “Haha..When im in a changing room in a mall i heard people who sound like sarawakian when they speaks but i don’t even hell understand a word.Later i discover it was france language” ;-b),a lot sounds like the altered version of english language and its varied according to the district they are living. Hmm..thats it for now.Feel free to comment me if they are anything you want to know. See you around~ ^__^